Business Leaders and Influencers

“Your talk is heartfelt and very powerful. It’s great to hear the positive difference your story has made in the world, since we last shared a stage together.”

Marie Diamond

from "The Secret"

“Roger – record that talk as a TED Talk and it will go viral overnight.”

Jean Pierre De Villers

Internationally renowned High Performance Coach

“One of the best 20 minute speakers we’ve had here – EVER!” 

Will Polston

Founder of The Evolve Network, formerly The Elite Network


“I was very impressed with Roger. All students were engaged and the way he spoke about a very difficult subject was admirable. Our students were still talking about it 2 days later. They thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.”

Andy Turton

Senior Teacher, De Warenne Academy, Doncaster

“Roger is an inspirational speaker who captioned the term resilience in his unforgettable and life changing story. The students of Wingfield Academy experienced a variety of emotions throughout his talk and were able to speak about why it is important for them to be resilient and as Roger related his talk back to the childrens resilience in school, it was very clear to see they had recognised the clear message within the talk. A true inspiration and a great incite. The students have still been asking questions about the story a day later; clear to see that it made a very positive impact! We would like to thank Roger for giving his time and for inspiring the next generation to be resilient.”

Mr A. Nightingale

Wingfield Academy


Feedback from the students at Wingfield Academy:

  • Motivational and inspired to listen and watch him.
  • Inspiring to hear his story and amazing to hear his tips, best guest speaker.
  • I thought it was really inspiring and it made me realise that even when things get hard if you stay strong and resilient you can make it through anything.
  • I think it is a great story.
  • I thought it was inspiring and I thought it was amazing how he didn’t give up.
  • It was educational and inspires you to be strong. I would hear it again if I could. Very fascinating.
  • It inspired me to never give up if you can’t do something.
  • It has inspired me to keep on being resilient even when it is hard. Thank you.
  • He was brave and never gave up.
  • Has inspired me to never give up and always believe.
  • It was very inspiring, I would listen again.
  • It was very inspirational. Thank you.
  • I think it was really good to see how to overcome challenges.
  • It was very inspirational.
  • Thank you very much for coming in, you was very inspiring, thank you.
  • He was amazing and he informed us of his story very well. You should let him come and tell his inspirational story. Thank You!
  • He was great, he was inspirational. I think it was amazing he came in to tell us the story. Thank You.
  • It was informative and inspirational.
  • I thought it was fascinating 🙂
  • I thought it was inspiring.
  • I really enjoyed it.
  • It made me want to live my life to the fullest because you never know when something like that could happen.
  • I thought it was really interesting and inspiring what he did.
  • I loved it and would love to hear it again.
  • It was interesting.
  • It was inspiring.
  • It was quite sad to hear.
  • You were incredibly inspiring to me.
  • It was very inspiring.

Feedback from the students at Dinnington Primary School:

  • I learnt how to be more resilient about my situation
  • I hope you don’t go through that again
  • Thank God you did not die!!!
  • YOU taught me to be resilient
  • Your talk was very inspirational and I’m really glad you survived
  • I enjoyed your speech about your personal life
  • I learnt a lot about resilience and bravery and a growth mindset. You are a great model of these.
  • We learnt about keeping us safe, how the brain reacts, when to call for help and to stay away from fights.
  • I learnt how important it is to help others, when they need it
  • Your story helped me to be more resilient
  • You are so inspirational and kind. You showed us the real meaning of resilience and bravery. Your story was amazing, and you made me feel better about when people bullied me. Thank you for sharing your story with us
  • We hope you’re ok in the future and you are inspiring because you always show resilience
  • I enjoyed your non-fictional story, it taught me how resilience can always be the answer
  • Thank you for coming to our class. I enjoyed your story and how life became better
  • Thank you for coming in and telling us about your story. I can’t believe you was that resilient. Hope you have a good time in India.
  • Thank you for your visit. You are really inspirational and kind. Have a nice time in India.
  • I really liked your talk because you made me learn about resilience
  • I really liked your talk because even though something might be hard, you can keep on going.
  • Thank you for coming in to tell us about your inspirational story. I loved your story because it taught me how to be resilient in gymnastics, because I tried to do a cartwheel I couldn’t do. Now I can, by trying and trying again
  • Thank you for sharing your brave experience with us. I have learned that there can be isolation in hospital and that resilience can help
  • Your lesson inspired me, and it made me confident for all the things I do I also learnt that fighting is never the answer.
  • Thank you for telling us your experience in life
  • We learnt that no matter what happens, you can be the best in life
  • Thank you for sharing your personal story with our class and you have taught me resilience
  • Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I learnt that fighting back is not the right answer. I’m glad you survived!


Feedback from “River of Reslience” workshop participants:

  • “Brilliant content delivered in a fun and interactive way 10/10” – Siobhan
  • “Lovely day, lovely course, great host” – Katie
  • “An amazing workshop, which I thoroughly enjoyed, with so much valuable content!” – Louise


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